Products & Services

Being financially prepared is of upmost importance in the case of accident, illness, disability or even death. Insurance reduces these risks. We help you find the right plan or plans that best suits your needs. Unlike a captive insurance company where you may only select a selective number of plans, Boro Insurance Agency is an independent insurance brokerage, and access to most insurance plans are available for you. We do the research and work to find what products and services are right for you.

Some examples of products and services offered:

Life Insurance
  • Term with Living Benefits (Use these plans in life, not just death)
  • Term/Whole/Universal
  • Indexed/Fixed
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Key Person
  • Buy Sell
  • Cross Purchase
  • Split Dollar
  • Group
  • Family, Individual
  • Guaranteed Issue
Disability Insurance
  • Key Person
  • Buy Sell
  • Cross Purchase
  • Group
  • Individual
  • Seniors
  • Fixed, Equity Indexed and Market Value Adjusted
  • Deferred, Immediate
  • Lifetime, Period Fixed
  • Qualified, Non qualified
  • Single premium, flexible premium
Legal Insurance
  • Individual, Family Legal Plans
  • Group Legal Plans
  • Identity Theft Plans
Telemedicine/Teledoc Plans
Group Insurance
  • CoveredCA Exchange Health, Dental and Vision Insurance Plans
  • Direct Multiple Carrier Health, Dental, Vision, Hearing, Life Insurance Plans
  • Single Carrier Health, Dental, Vision Insurance Plans
  • Disability
  • Long Term Care
  • Indemnity Plans
  • Accident Plans
  • Critical/Chronic Illness Plans
Individual Family Plans
  • CoveredCA Exchange Health, Vision and Dental Plans
  • Direct Health Insurance Plans (Not through CoveredCA)
  • Dental, Vision, Disability, Long Term Care
  • Critical Chronic Illness
  • Accident Plans
  • Indemnity Plans
Short Term Health Plans
International Travel Plans
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